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Directed by Georgy A. Smirnov
Unique Russian Voices – Basses Profondo
Vladimir Miller and Yury Vishnjakov
In The New Christmas Program
Christmas With The Orthodox Singers
Anatoly Obraztsov (Bass), Peter Panov (Bass), Oleg Grigoraschenko (Tenor), Alexander Pronin (Tenor) Alexey Maslov (Tenor-Alt).

  1. Troparion to the Christmas (Tone 4). Arrangement by A.Kastal’sky (1856 – 1926)
  2. Kontakion to the Christmas (Tone 3). Greek chant
  3. Magnification to the Christmas. Music by Boris Dodonov, arr. by G. Smirnov. Soloist Peter Panov (basso), canonarch Vladimir Miller (basso profondo).
  4. God with Us. Music by Pavel Chesnokov (1877-1944), op.40, №6, arr. by G, Smirnov. Soloist Alexander Pronin (Tenor)
  5. It is Truly Meet (entrance preying, demestvenny chant, early Russian polyphon). Soloist Yury Vishnjakov (Basso Profondo)
  6. All Angels Are Rejoicing. (Stanza for the Nativity of Christ. Music by Iakov Chmelev (1877 – 1944), arr. by G. Smirnov. Soloists Anatoly Obraztsov (Basso) and Alexey Maslov (Tenor)
  7. The Lord is saying (Choral concert). Music by Alexander Nikol’sky (1874 – 1843), arr. by P. Chesnokov
  8. The Doors of Compassion open unto us, O Blessed Theotokos. Music by Alexander Kopylov (1854 – 1911)
  9. Exclaim to the Lord, all the earth! Music by Alexander Grechaninov (1864 – 1956), arr. by P. Chesnokov
  10. Gentle Light. The Vesper Hymn to the Son of God. Music by Alexander Grechaninov (1864 – 1956), arr. by G. Smirnov. Soloists: Igor Ivent’ev, Vitaly Dz’uba, Andrey Tushev, Yury Vishnjakov, Anatoly Obraztsov
  11. Come, Let Us Bless Joseph Of Eternal Memory (During the veneration of the tomb following the dismissal of Matins, Tone 5 ). Music by Pavel Chesnokov (1877 – 1944), op.9,#28
  12. I wanted, Lord, to wipe away the record of my faults with tears (Aposticha of Compunction). Music by priest Georgy Izvekov (end of 20th – 1937), arr. by G. Smirnov. Soloists: Igor Ivent’ev, Andrey Tushev, Jury Vishnjakov
  13. Behold, bless ye the Lord (Psalm 134). Music by Georgy Rjutov, arr. by G. Smirnov. Soloist Oleg Grigoraschenko (Tenor)
  14. Do not reject me in my old age. Music by Pavel Chesnokov, op.40, №5, arr. by G. Smirnov. Soloist Vladimir Miller (Basso profondo)
  15. The Appeal to the Tushin's betrayers of the Russian Patriarch Hermogen proclaimed to the Moscow people by Deacon in 1609. Music by Alexandr Kastal’sky 1856 – 1926), arr. by G. Smirnov. Soloist Anatoly Obraztsov (Basso)
  16. Praise The Lord From The Heaven (at the Sunday communion). Music by Boris Ledkovsky (1894-1970), arr. by G. Smirnov
  17. We hymn Thee. Music by Sergey Rakhmaninov, op.31, №12. Soloist Alexey Maslov (Tenor – alt)
  18. The legend of twelve robbers (Russian folk song). Soloist Peter Panov (Bass)
  19. The evening bells (Russian folk song). Soloist Alexey Maslov (Tenor-Alt)
  20. Many Years. Music by Pavel Chesnokov
09.01.2006 DVD recording at Riga’s Dom (Latvia)
Art director, conductor, precentor – Georgy Smirnov
Promotion, Tour & Concerts is organized by Herman Braun Fond (
Producer – Georgy Smirnov
© 2006 Georgy A. Smirnov. All rights reserved