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Historical and lyrical Russian folk songs

Valentina Mashkova (soprano)
Peter Panov (bass)
Artem Reznichenko (baritone)
Michael Kuznetsov (tenor)
Victor Rumjantsev (tenor)

  1. The Ascension of The Lord. Arr. by A.Ljadov. Soloist Valentina Mashkova
  2. 12 Robbers. Soloist Peter Panov
  3. Dubinushka. Arr. by M.Slonov. Soloist Piter Panov
  4. The Fog has Fallen Down. Arr. by G.Smirnov. Soloist Artjom Reznichenko
  5. Oh, My Snowball Tree. Arr. by G.Smirnov
  6. Do Pass Over, Storm. Arr. by V.Sokolov. Soloist M. Kuznetsov
  7. A Girl in the Pine-Forest. Arr. by P.Chesnokov. Soloist A.Reznichenko
  8. An Old Lime-Tree. Arr. by G.Smirnov. Soloist V.Mashkova
  9. Evening Bells. Soloist Victor Rumjantsev
  10. A Hand bell. Soloist V.Rumjantsev
  11. Steppe Around. Arr. by G.Smirnov. V.Mashkova
  12. The Night. Arr. by M.Slonov. Soloist A.Reznichenko

Recorded in the Great Hall of the Moscow conservatory in 1995
The sound producer - V.Koptsov
The assistant to director - I.Solovev
N. Meerzon's installation
© 2006 Georgy A.Smirnov. All rights reserved.