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Selected Chants of Great Lent and Holy Week

1. I behold the day of judgement. Music by Alexandr Arkhangelísky. Arr. By G. Smirnov

2. Open to me, O Giver of Life, the gates of repentanceÖ Op.21, #2. Music by Pavel Chesnokov(1877-1944). Arr. by Georgy Smirnov

3. By the rivers of Babylon. (Ancient chant). Arr. by Alexandr Kastalísky (1856-1926)

4. The Cry of the Adam. (Valaam chant)

5. Helper and Protector. Fragments of The Great Canon (Chant of the Assumption Laura of the Caves in Kiev). Canonarch: Artíom Reznichenko

6. My soul, my soul, arise! (Kontakion) Music by A.Tretíjakov (1905-1978)

7. Let my prayer be set forth in Thy sight. Op.24,Ļ6. Music by P.Chesnokov. Soloist Artíom Reznichenko.

8. Now the powers of heaven. Music by Grigory Lívovsky (1830ó1894)

9. Chieftain Warrior and Lord... (Kontakion to The Akathistos Hymn to the Passions of our Lord). Music by Nikolay Ozerov. Arr. By G. Smirnov. Soloist Peter Panov

10. Before Thy Cross. Music by Alexey Lvov (1798 Ė 1970)

11. Weep not for Me, O Mother! Music by Feodor Ivanov. Arr. By G. Smirnov

12. Anathema (Encient melody) Arrangement by G. Smirnov. Soloist archdeacon Andrey Papkov (Jordanville)

13. Thy abode.... Op. 72. Music by Rimsky Ė Korsakov (1878 Ė 1940). Arr. by G. Smirnov. Soloist Victor Rumjantsev

14. Of Thy Mystical Supper. Music by Alexey Lívov (1798-1870)

15. The wise thief. Op.40, #3. Music by Pavel Chesnokov. Soloist Victor Rumjantsev

16. Hear, O God! Music by Alexandr Arkhangelísky. Arr. By G. Smirnov

17. Do not reject me in my old age. Music by Pavel Chesnokov, op.40, Ļ5. Arr. by G.Smirnov. Soloists basses profondo: Jury Vishnjakov, Boris Chepikov, Victor Krjuchenkov